Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Amazon Prime Video Gives Cord Cutters and Streamers Another Great Option Complete with Free Trial

As a cord cutter there are limitless ways to get entertainment from the internet right to the big screen television in the living room or even a television in the bedroom. That being said, a phone, tablet, or other device is also a distinct possibility these days. Entertainment has evolved for sure, but one thing remains a bit cloudy: Exactly where do you find great content worthy of streaming at a reasonable price?

That’s really the rub facing many cord cutters. Popular services like Hulu and Netflix are reasonable, but they can be a bit lacking in the genre department at times. Still both have great programming and are great options, but one that gets passed up a lot more often than it should is Amazon Prime Video.

Taking a look at the massive catalog can be exciting. Imagine having access to the animated series like Adventures of Batman or Superman, or even He-Man for that matter, but also getting access to Downton Abbey, The Wire, and many more great series. Plus, when you through in some great movie titles the service gets a little more depth. Furthermore, great originals like The Man in the High Castle and other Amazon Exclusives extend the worthiness of the investment.

A free trial of the service, available here Amazon Prime Video 30-Day Free Trial, is even available, which makes it a nice little test drive for anyone looking to try a different cord cutting avenue or just enter the streaming revolution. The point is, Amazon means business, and with the Prime Video service available on any number of devices, not just those Fire tablets, sticks, and streaming players, it actually is a user friendly approach to getting great content on a television without making a number of fancy connections to the laptop.

In the end, video streaming and cutting the cord are ways of life that really do save money in the long and short term. The days of event programming are passing quickly, and coupled with an over-the-air antenna, viewers can change the way they consume media and make it a little more friendly.

Great content coupled with a simple and widely used format make a world of difference, and Amazon Prime Video is one of those services that really can answer the bell for lots of different users. Plus, with a free trial available, it’s hard to resist not taking the vehicle out for a drive to see how it feels. If you don’t try it, you’ll never know if you don’t like it. It's free after all and can be cancelled at any time: Amazon Prime Video 30-Day Free Trial

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