Sunday, January 10, 2016

Playing in the Snow Offers a Number of Ideas & Options

The Magic Carpet Sled

Fun in the sun is one thing, but fun in the snow is something altogether different. Just about everyone has a fond memory of building that huge snow fort or going for a sled ride, either with the parents or with some friends. The point is that playing outside does not have to end when the weather turns cold. Granted, the temperature requires some monitoring, but with the proper planning winter fun can still be a pretty good time.

First and foremost for any type of winter outdoor activity is safety, and while a good dose of common sense comes in handy, the CDC has anice page with a lot of nice tips. One little tidbit I like to add on is the use of hand warmers to coat pockets or even boots. They keep the extremities warm and kids seem to the love the things. Plus, they are pretty cheap and can even extend the outdoor play.

Sled riding has come a long way over the past few decades. There are enough types of sleds to confuse everyone. While the only real guideline in choosing a sled is finding one that is comfortable and big enough to fit the kids (or adults) into, there are plastic and metal varieties of just each type. While plastic is definitely cheaper, the metal ones have the potential to last a few extra years. Take a look:

Another great option for playing in the snow is building a fort. Of course, starting with a wall brick mold is probably the most basic of ideas, there are quite a few different molds available for making the construction process a bit easier. Of course this being the 21st Century, there are several different types of snowball makers available as well, which is also a pretty staggering concept. Spending a few minutes molding snowballs and stocking up an arsenal seems to make a lot of sense, that is unless you are in a hurry.

In the end, playing outside in the snow is a great time. Not only will everyone have a little fun being outside and get a little exercise, but memories will also be created. Who doesn’t like making memories? A great sled ride, a snowball fight, and even a snow fort makes for compelling pictures on social media as well, and since the entire family can participate, it can make for some of the best photo ops of the year.

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