Saturday, May 7, 2016

Family Trying to Raise Money for Diabetes Service Dog for Son

Every now and then, even I take a time out to think about some great causes and try to help boost the awareness of a campaign. Hey, everyone has their kryptonite.

There can be little doubt that there are a number of worth charities and causes throughout the world. I can’t really dispute that at all. There are thousands of people in need, probably millions, and it is always difficult deciding where to put those precious few extra dollars.

A friend of mine at work turned me onto his nephew’sGoFundMe page. If you check the page out, you will learn about Nolan Sopko and his journey. Basically, Nolan has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Imagine being a second grader with a condition like that, it’s got to be tough. The youngster will be insulin dependent for the rest of his life, and the GoFundMe is set up to help get this kid a service dog.

Like many fellow animal lovers already know, dogs can make a serious difference in the lives of their owners. Specially trained dogs, like the one Nolan will hopefully be getting, will wake Nolan up if his levels drop and alert his parents. As a matter of fact, Nolan will be getting a pal that will be specially trained to help guard and save his life.

I have something of a soft spot for kids in need. When animals have the ability to help out and make a difference, the reward is beyond measure. Best friends can save lives, and they do it every day. So if you are so inclined, how about considering a small donation to help this family out? 

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