Friday, May 6, 2016

The Ultimate Gift for Someone That Has Everything - Land on Mars

It's the age old question, what to get someone for a special occasion? Sure, some folks are much easier to buy for than others, but some seem to have everything already. Why not look for a gift that is as unique as them? How about getting them a piece of Mars?

What's that you say? How do you find a piece of Mars? Well, that's where the Internet comes into play. The web is loaded with sites specializing in selling just about everything imaginable, and yes that includes parcels of land on other planets. is loaded with buying options that start at $30 and rise from there. Imagine having a deed to 20 acres of land of Mars for just $250! Well, that's all about perspective of course, because after all, there are few courts on Mars that can challenge or enforce claims to land. In addition, there is a little bit of challenge when it comes visiting your special piece of land. Retirement might not be far enough away for all of us.

All sarcasm aside, there seems to be little way possible to definitely monitor the numbers of parcels that are sold. I wonder if Mars could ever be overbooked? Interesting possibility, buying something that someone else can buy with little fear of anyone actually claiming or even visiting the land. I will be honest I am a little jealous that I have not thought of it earlier. Still, this could be something to watch, or get in on the ground floor.

The market for Mars properties can only get higher right?

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