Tuesday, September 6, 2016

2016 Christmas Gift Ideas The LEGO Advent Calendar Series

It’s that time of year again. Time almost never slows down long enough for anyone to take a quick break. The holiday shopping season is right around the corner. Of course, all of the hottest Christmas gifts for 2016 will be selling fast and furious long before anyone ever gets to hear about them.

One of the biggest gifts for the season is not even technically a Christmas gift, it’s a pre-Christmas gift. The Lego Advent Calendar series has returned for 2016. With a few options for those looking to make the season a little more special for kids of any ages, the company has the right kit for anyone on your list.

The Lego City Advent Calendar (60133) is again bringing a holiday feel to the popular brick based toy. With Mini-figures galore and cool decorative pieces, the set is a great way for anyone to build up a little bit of excitement heading into the holiday season. The Lego Star Wars AdventCalendar (75146) is again ready to heat up the countdown to the special day with some help from the characters from a galaxy far far away. Again, with minifigures and a cool white-Chewbacca, this set is going to be a collectors dream. The final set available this season is the Lego Friends Advent Calendar (41131) and it brings all the holiday magic of the Lego Friends team into the homes of anyone looking to make counting the days down a little more special.

Lego kits are some of the most popular gifts of season, and these calendars tend to sell out rather quickly. That means either jumping on them early or running around chasing them on the secondary market once the kids (or collector) figures out that they simply can not live without them. With special limited edition Mini-figures, these kits gather a lot of attention. Plus, the holiday theme is something that a lot of companies simply avoid. For many, these sets are a must buy.

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