Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Don't Have the Same Cup of Coffee Every Single Day, Try a Sampler Pack!

A lot of us are guilty of Keurig abuse. We get up in the morning or home from work and we head straight to those machines to plug in the same K-cup or pod we've been using since we got the machine. The reason? Well, everyone is a creature of habit, and buying those cup packs can represent a significant investment. However, it doesn't have to.

The world of coffee is as varied and unique as it ever was. Plus, thanks to Amazon, those K-cups can be picked up at a nice and attractive price! The products that deserve an extra look are some packs that will help everybody break out of their coffee rut and maybe even find a new favorite.

The coffee variety sample pack from the folks at Crazy Cups features 40 different types of coffee, that's right a different kind every day for a month or so if you are a light drinker. Not only are these packs great for Keurig households, but they are also great gifts for other Keurig owners.

If you want to amp up your size factor there is a 96-count pack from Beantown Roasters, but if you want to expand your Keurig's horizon, the 30-pack Cider, Tea, Hot Cocoa, Coffee and more pack from Crazy Cups is also eager to help you find a new favorite taste. It really is all about trying different things.

The bottom line is that Amazon features a number of different ways to try different K-Cups without having to commit to eight or twelve cups of the same thing at a time. Simplicity, versatility, and cost savings. You can't really do much better than that. Of course, if you find a new favorite, the whole purchase might even be priceless.

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