Saturday, November 5, 2016

Arctic Pinging Noise the Latest Unexplained Phenomenon

Whether you consider yourself a conspiracy theorist, realist, skeptic, or even an open minded thinker, the world often presents a number of interesting ideas that make for interesting conversation. The unexplained, the debunked, the unknown, and other myths can often serve as food for anyone with any type of imagination.

Not long after finishing a post about the Alaska IceMonster, I was clued in to another interesting phenomenon currently buzzing (literally) around the Arctic. It seems there is some sort of pining sound ringing out from the ocean floor chasing away animals and even penetrating the hulls of boats.

The noise is bothersome and mysterious, the Canadianmilitary is actually investigating the sound, according to BBC. The sound has been theorized to be military subs, although everyone denies any type of activity in the region; a sonar item setup by Greenpeace to chase animals away from hunters, but the group denies any such action; and even sonar exploration from mining companies, but they all say there is no activity in the region.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, the sound might be linked to a phenomenon known as “The Hum” that dates back to the 1950s. What it really comes down to is that all attempts to verify where the noise is coming from have resulted in inconclusive findings. You know what that means.

One has to wonder if Giorgio Tsoukalos is already on his way. The “Ancient Aliens” star might at least be able to offer up some sort of explanation. While he might side with some sort of extraterrestrial theory, it is at this point just as valid as any other type of theory on the matter. After all, who is really to say until the actual source has been located and solved.

The other side of the coin is that the Alaska Ice Monster just might be related to this Arctic Pining. That’s right, you heard it here first!

The world is loaded with unexplained things, and the latest Arctic phenomenon is just one more example of that. Is it aliens? Some sort of volcanic activity? With any luck, one day soon some bright researchers will get to the bottom of the issue, but for now, everyone is pretty much entitled to their own opinion on the source and cause of the pinging noise.

This could be one that defies answers for several years, or a simple solution is lurking just out of reach. You can never really tell, the world is loaded with interesting and fascinating things.

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  1. Wow! Guys, there are too many fictional secrets around the Arctic. To be honest, I was on this expedition and saw the penguins with my own eyes. There are no aliens in the Arctic) The problem of global warming is due to the huge release of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. All the rest is an attraction of tourists and only. But if you weren't on the Northern Land, I advised you to go on such a cruise.