Friday, November 4, 2016

The Alaska Ice Monster Makes Headlines

It’s been a pretty big week for the unexplained. While urban myths and other legends can be found in pretty much every town in America and every country in the world, the days of technology and the Internet help move things along that much faster.

The video of the Alaska Ice Monster is still making waves, both literal and figurative. While the popular consensus seems to be that the “monster” in question is nothing more than a piece of rope with some ice stuck to it, that hasn’t really stopped the video from becoming a minor phenomenon. Is it rope or something else entirely? Probably going to have to call Josh Gates in on this one, I’m not sure if he’s been to Alaska yet. Somebody get Travel Channel on the phone. Judge for yourself:

The other interesting video that was brought to my attention this week was this one from an eagle camera in Michigan that features a blurry image in the top right corner. Some believe the figure is none other than the legendary monster Bigfoot. Hard to tell from the footage, but again most “experts” are agreeing that the image is simply a bear. Well, really who knows? It’s not like the eagles are going to be talking, this isn’t a Looney Tunes episode after all.

So what to take from all of this? Well, that’s really a good question. There is a lot of unexplored country left around, especially in Alaska, Antarctica, pretty much the entire ocean, and so on. Does that mean there is a monster lurking somewhere out of sight of humans?

With pretty much everyone having access to a camera or video device of some kind these days, which means the chance for these kinds of videos to surface grows each and every day. While you would think someone would have stumbled over a Sasquatch body or yeti by now, the depths of the oceans remain largely unexplored. Could there be something else out there? Sure, just as likely as there might not be.

Like any argument or discussion, cryptozoologists will run the gamut from total belief to total disbelief. Is one camp wrong? Absolutely not, but neither is one-hundred percent right either. After all, it’s pretty hard to PROVE something does not exist. Of course, the reverse is true as well.

So interesting videos aside, these instances boil down to interpretation. The videos are interesting, but in no way conclusive, which means lots of folks will be on the watch for some more footage of the Alaska Ice Monster, Bigfoot after all already has a pretty big following.

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