Saturday, July 1, 2017

Living Large With Old School Puzzle Games

One of the most simple and pure treasures of life is being able to relive good times. For many of us, experiencing things that were introduced in childhood fit the bill perfectly. The old puzzle games of the 1980’s are among those good times for me. I’m talking about the snake, the pyramid, the Rubik’s cube, and the list goes on and on.

Who doesn’t enjoy some quality time on a puzzle? While finishing or solving one of the classic puzzle games can be a bit frustrating for anyone, it’s all about having a good time and working out that brain. Of course, things are bit different now with tutorials, pages, videos, and any number of hint giving solutions available at the touch of a web search. Does it take the fun out of it? No, not really, sometimes help is vital to the experience.

Rubik’s Cubes are among the most popular pop culture remnants in existence. Just about everyone remembers the 3x3 colorful devices, and anyone of any age that gets reintroduced to them now can get a little addicted to the block. Maybe it’s the Minecraft frame of thinking?

Perhaps the more interesting part of the puzzle games is the cost. These non-electronic things don’t have touch screens, so there is no recharging of batteries. A never ending supply is available for a low cost on Amazon and other websites, which means they make great gifts and stocking stuffers. Plus, they appeal to just about everyone.

Hey, life is all about simple pleasures, and getting a chance to revisit the glorious times of youth is one of the most special simple pleasures around. So why not take a chance at The Missing Link or the Rubik’s Cube again? You might surprise yourself and even discover the long hidden solution. Or you could simply hope you figure it out at some point.

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