Tuesday, July 4, 2017

'The Dark Tower' Getting Ready to Draw More Fans Into the Fray

In the all-encompassing world of entertainment, it’s fairly easy to get excited about a movie rather than a book. It’s one of the great inequalities of the world that just seems to be the norm, with the exception being those Harry Potter Book release parties so many years ago.

Just as books, and yes comic books are included in the equation, inspire movies, those films breathe new life into the written or drawn counterparts. The latest multi-genre entertainment property to start generating some serious traction is “The Dark Tower” by Stephen King. While a lot of attention (with good reason) will be placed on the book series that inspired “Game of Thrones” this month, Mr. King’s creation dropped a movie trailer and it’s also starting to generate some really serious buzz.

“The Dark Tower” series is a collection of eight books, which means there could be some serious things happening in the world of cinema. Since many King properties have been adapted to some pretty amazing films (Think “Shawshank Redemption” or “Stand By Me” and so many more), it stands to reason that movie fans should be pretty excited about this coming film.

While there are also comic books based on the novels that help further tell the story of the Gunslinger and other plots in “The Dark Tower,” the books will likely be heating up conversations across the world just because of the movie. That’s always an amazing treat, and long-time fans of the series will have some new folks to welcome to discussions.

Since the series is pretty serious in length, fans can expect to be treated to some involved storylines with King’s mastery over the written word. Let’s face it, the guy clearly knows what he’s doing, and he’s been doing it for a really really long time. So get ready to embrace this series book and movie fans, because it’s going to be everywhere very soon. The movie drops August 4, 2017, so get your homework done fast.

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