Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fall Fest 2017 Comes to Ellwood City At Last

September 30th is shaping up to one awesome day in Ellwood City. There will be no shortage of great things to do, and the weather looks like it is going to be a crisp high sixty degree day (definitely different from the hot days we've been having), which makes it a perfect opportunity to get out and about in the downtown area. Of course, you’ll need to park elsewhere as Lawrence Avenue will be blocked off for the Fall Fest.

A quick check of the calendar for the 2017 Ellwood City Fall Fest shows that the Ellwood City Public Library will be holding a golf ball roll fundraiser at noon, and the rest of the street will be alive with assorted entertainment, baked goods, and great food. Really, this is the type of event that really brings the town alive!

While the special tents and assorted food items will be a bit of a treat, I'm personally geared up to visit my three favorite Ellwood City businesses. Grabbing a coffee at National Grind from any of the smiling faces behind the counter is always a big treat. Speaking of smiling faces, the ladies at The Sweet Shop are always eager to put something tasty into your hands. From edible cookie dough to a unique cupcake to a throwback piece of candy to a great Hershey's ice cream cone, a stop here is a must for any festival day (okay, just about any day for me).

Of course, one of the mainstays on Lawrence Avenue is New Dimension Comics, and since I'm lucky enough to be working that day, I'll get to enjoy the Legendary Basement Sale all day! Truthfully, this is one of THE highlights of the NDC year, and the basement sale brings together comic book collectors and enthusiasts from all over the state and many folks from outside the state! If you are looking for great items, this is a great chance to score a hefty deal!

The cool parts for me about festivities like this is the chance to support local small businesses and meet a few new friendly faces. You never know who you will run into on events like this, and really celebrating the fall never gets old, because it's one of my favorite times of the year.

So if you are looking for something to take up some of your time this weekend in the Ellwood City area, do yourself a favor and hunt for a parking space, because the Fall Fest is an event that simply should not be missed. It's a great time to see what's going on in town and snag some great food and cool stuff at the same time.

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